Narrow gauge

We have an extensive collection of narrow gauge industrial locomotives and waggons.  Narrow gauge railways were used extensively in industries such as coal mining and iron making.

We hope to have a running display line of narrow gauge locos and wagons in the near future.

Locomotives and rolling stock

Killoch loco


 Hunslet Engine Co. 3' gauge, 4w DH works No. 8816 of 1981. NCB surface loco, ex Killoch Colliery.   On display in the engineers workshop museum.

Ruston & Hornsby


 Ruston & Hornsby 2' 6" gauge loco and tipper waggon. In running condition. 

Andrew Barclay


 Andrew Barclay 2' 6" gauge 4w DM works No. 561 of 1971. In running condition, but requiring cosmetic refurbishment. 

Man - riding waggons


 Former National Coal Board Man - riding waggons, used underground at many pits throughout the country. 

Hudson tipper waggon


 The ubiquitous Hudson tipper Waggon, found all over world, this example being one of 2' 6" gauge. ARPG owns a number of these useful waggons.