Our Rolling stock

Our passenger operations are worked by our 1944 LMS engineers saloon and supported by our passenger brake van.

We have a variety of vans and wagons that are typical of the type used on mainline and industrial railways throughout Scotland in the 20th century.

LMS engineers saloon


Our mainstay of passenger operations, the LMS engineer's saloon, D45020, built in 1944.  This has large observation windows at either end to allow great views of our line and the fantastic scenery of the Doon Valley.

Passenger brake van


Based on an LMS brake van chassis, our custom built passenger brake van was our only passenger vehicle for many years until the engineer's saloon was introduced to service.

Johnnie Walker van


This is one of 4 Johnnie Walker Customs Lockfast Vans (CLV) that we have and is the only one fully restored.  These vans were used to transfer the whisky from the Barleith Whisky Bond at Hurlford to the bottling plant in Kilmarnock.

16t Mineral wagon


This is an example of one of thousands of mineral wagons that transported coal all over the UK rail network in the mid 20th century.  This has been restored by the ARPG volunteers and is regularly on display.

12t pallet van


This van is typical of the type used extensively throughout the UK in the 20th century to move goods and would have been a common sight in goods yards and on branch lines in the Doon Valley.

BP Hex -1-ene tanker


The BP tanker was built in Germany for use by BP chemicals and was built to allow use in mainland Europe as well as the UK.  It is now used by us as a water carrier to top up the water tank of our steam locomotive on opendays.